GLR SummerSchool

Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam (GLR), the Dutch creative college for media, design and technology, is organising a video-based Storytelling SummerSchool from Monday 11 July until Friday 15 July 2022.

For who?

Both students attending GLR partner schools and GLR’s own students can participate in the SummerSchool. 15 to 30 foreign students and 15 to 30 GLR students can enrol. The average age will be between 17 and 23 years. Prior knowledge of video and/or editing is not necessary. Registration for GLR SummerSchool 2020 is only possible when you are students at the GLR or at one of our two partnersschool in Switzerland! Registration is now closed.

What is SummerSchool?

GLR has initiated many international projects so far. The collaboration between our and international students has always been very pleasant. Learning and collaborating in an international context has provided many students with an unforgettable experience. We would love to repeat this with the SummerSchool.

“I came here, because I have never been alone on a holiday or somewhere else before.” – Chiara

The SummerSchool is meant for everyone to have a very exciting international experience, in which one can learn about their own and other cultures. Of course it is also about learning practical skills, but we try to emphasise just how important working together with others is and how cool it is to create using video and photography.

“I came to Summerschool to meet new people.” – Jasper

We intend to accept as many international students from our partnerschools as well as our own students. The maximum amount of students that can participate is 60 in total. That means we invite 30 GLR students and 30 students from foreign countries.