Video results 2019!

The 38 hour Video Clip Project

This year, the goal was to make a video clip in about 38 hours!!!
We worked closely together with the band WINDSTIL, who thought this would be a cool project – even though it turned out to be 38 degrees. Haha. They invested their time and hope for our GLR Summerschool Students to produce an awesome video of their newest EP NORTHWEST YU.

“I have learnt how important it is to make a good planning, if you want to have a good end product.” – Elisa

And the winners are …

Noah, Elisa, Marjolein, Jasper, Gina, Job, Danique, Naima, Anouk, Davina, Babette, Mikhaela

Isabella, Chi, Amber, Flo, Helene, Evy, Simone, Leanne, Jos, Angelino, Bas

The video clips of the other groups

Amber, Flo, Isabella, Jos, Simone, Helene, Bas, Evy, Angelino, Chi, Leanne
Johrick, Tim, Zosia, Silvano, Chiara, Janik, Mirthe, Fea, Marsha, Kim, Djarie
Mila, Roman, Jonathan, Jana, Lois, Jonas, Tim, Lea, Emma, Chil, Sam, Rabea

Video Workshop “The Chase”

This video was created by Noah Dopslaff from Switzerland