Photo results 2019!

Awards for the Photography Workshop

During the photography workshop two tasks were assigned:
The first one was to take 6 pictures with the smartphone that show “Colours and shapes” in Rotterdam. The final selection was to be presented on an A3 sheet for a small exhibition. These pictures should be arranged as an exciting compilation.
For the second assignment the students used the digital single lens reflex camera (DSLR). The challenge was to visually implement three images with a focus on storytelling about “Movement in Rotterdam”. These photos also had to be arranged on an A3 paper for the exhibition.

Impressions of our mini exhibition

The results were fantastic. The decision making for the two awards for both categories was extremely difficult. The jury therefore decided to award two prizes for both awards.

And the winners are…
All results of the “Shapes and Colours” assignment
All results of the “Movement” assignment