The cheapest way to fly to the Netherlands is to fly to Schiphol International Airport, just outside of Amsterdam. You could also check out a direct flight to Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

Transport from Schiphol Airport

From Schiphol, there is a direct train to Rotterdam Central Station called Intercity Direct. This train requires an extra fee on top of your standard ticket (standard €13,00* Extra fee € 2,40), but the travel will only last for 30 minutes. Your alternative is to catch an Intercity train which will take you to Rotterdam Central Station in an hour. No extra fee is required for this train. Tickets for both trains and the extra fee can be purchased at the airport. You will find the yellow ticket machines in the central hall and close to the belt where you find your  luggage. Plan your journey via

Most trains to Rotterdam are leaving from platform 5 or 6.

Transport from Rotterdam The Hague Airport

From Rotterdam The Hague Airport you can travel by bus 33 to Rotterdam Central Station. Tickets can be purchased directly from the busdriver, and it should cost no more than 2 euros. Plan your journey via or

Transport from Rotterdam Central Station to the StayOkay

In the central hall of Rotterdam Central Station, you will find stairs to the metro (the big M). When you arrive on level -1 you will find the ticket machine at your left hand site. Buy a single ticket.

Check in and go down to the platforms. Take line D to “De Akkers” or line E to “Slinge”. This part takes only 3 minutes, second stop.Change here to line A to “Binnenhof”, B to “Nesselande” or C to “De Terp”. Get out at Blaak. This is the first stop.  When you are out, you can see the StayOkay.

You can also walk from Rotterdam Central Station to the StayOkay. This is maybe a 20 minutes walk.

Transport from Rotterdam Central Station to the GLR.

This is just a 15 minutes walk. Check your google maps on your mobile. address of the GLR is Heer Bokelweg 255, Rotterdam

Transport from the StayOkay to the GLR.

This is just a 15 minutes walk. You can almost see the GLR from out of the StayOkay

Using an ‘OV-chipkaart’

For the daytrips to Delft and Kinderdijk we will use an ‘OV-chipkaart’ in public transport. This is a travelcard like you have in many countries. For the participants from abrought, GLR will have an OV-chipkaart ready to use. The credit on this card is enough for the trip to Delft and Kinderdijk. If you want to use it for more travelling, you will have to charge extra credit yourself. The card is easy in use (just swipe and you’re good to go), but you musn’t forget to check in and out.

We expect all GLR participants to use their own ‘studentenjaarkaart’.

* Disclaimer: This price is for a standard second-class ticket at the time of writing. Prices generally don’t change, but please don’t hold us accountable if they do. 😉